BeoSound Moment

BeoSound Moment is an intelligent, wireless music system that integrates your music and streaming services into one.

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BeoSound Moment

With just one touch on the solid wood interface, you can instantly start a continuous, high-performance sound experience that fits your mood preference, creating precisely the atmosphere you are looking for, day or night.

A single touch fills the room with music to set the perfect atmosphere for your home. Just touch the wooden interface, and BeoSound Moment will do the rest.

BeoSound Moment loves your taste in music. PatternPlay is a new innovation that learns the rhythm of your life. By learning what your household likes to hear at different times of day, the PatternPlay function gets to know you a little better with every interaction – so the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

BeoSound Moment brings the music listening experience back into your home. No more worrying about finding a track from one of your many devices that also receive emails, messages, and other notifications that can interrupt the listening experience. BeoSound Moment gets rid of the need to deal with distractions from other applications, by making your music available all in one place, and instantly accessible with just one touch.

Whatever your mood, there is a perfect playlist to match. Let the MoodWheel know how you are feeling, and BeoSound Moment will explore the vast Deezer catalogue, plus the sources of music in your home, and build a playlist for you, based on your selection.

There are two contrasting faces to BeoSound Moment: One side, made from pure aluminium, displays your full music library for browsing on the touch-screen interface or the aluminium wheel. The other side, a touch-sensitive solid wood interface, is designed to blend in with your interior.

BeoSound Moment is a modern, powerful music system featuring advanced sound processing technology. Whether you prefer wired or wireless speakers, BeoSound Moment delivers the outstanding acoustic performance you expect from Bang & Olufsen.


BeoSound Moment connects flawlessly to any wireless Bang & Olufsen speakers. If you wish to make your wired Bang & Olufsen speakers wireless, you can do so using the BeoLab Receiver 1, which provides integration with the wireless Bang & Olufsen speaker ecosystem, meaning no unsightly cables to spoil the mood.

BeoSound Moment can wirelessly connect to as many as 8 speakers.


No disagreements – no need to compromise. Keep the whole family happy with an upgrade to multiroom functionality.

Activate multiroom, and BeoSound Moment can play different music in individual rooms, so there is something for everyone, whenever and wherever you want it. The multiroom functionality also provides the option of playing the same music in every room simultaneously, giving you a seamless music experience throughout your home.


Multiroom functionality will be available as a free software update by Summer 2015.


Deezer offers more than 35 million tracks in high audio quality, from the latest chart toppers to the Deutsche Grammophon classical collection.

For a limited period BeoSound Moment is introduced with a complimentary 12 month Deezer Premium+ subscription*, included and ready to play.


MoodWheel – one touch to the music that moves you

PatternPlay – follows the rhythm of your life

Integrated music service with Deezer®

Integrated Internet radio with TuneIn®

DLNA (DMR) access to your personal music collection

Bluetooth for streaming from your mobile

Immaculate Wireless Sound concept integrated based on WiSA technology


Size and weight
Interface 0.5 kg

Base 1.9 kg

Display 1280 x 800 – 7 inch IPS.


Glass, aluminium, rubber, plastic and wood.

Natural aluminium and black.


Wireless connection
Li-Polymer Capacity 3500 mAh.

Standby capacity 76 hours.

Charging time 5 hours.

WiSA technology integrated – full 24 bit uncompressed wireless audio streaming up to 8 channels.

WiFi — 2,4ghz 802.11 g/b

Bluetooth (A2DP) for streaming music from your mobile


2 x Power Link (RJ45)

1 x Ethernet

1 x Power

1 x Line-in (RCA)

1 x USB for service purposes only

MP3 (all) or VBR / CBR 32 – 320kbit

WMA, both VBR and CBR 20 – 320kbit (No support for WMA Lossless)

AAC (ISO and ADTS) – 320kbit

ALAC general + 88.2, 96 kHz

PCM (WAV) general + 88.2, 96 kHz

FLAC, 8-96 kHz, 16 or 24 bits, 2 channels



POWER CONSUMPTION and Operating Conditions
Remote control options
Typical: 14 W, Standby: 0.4 W.

Temperature 10-40° C - Humidity 20-80%

BeoSound Essence Remote

BeoRemote One


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